BASI pilates


60 MINUTES: $90

10 Pilates sessions $550 + tax

For the past 20 years, the two most common physical limitations I have seen have been in shoulders/hips and weakness of the core.  Even for people with back, neck, or knee pain – if they are able to improve strength of the core and the functioning of their shoulders and hips, their levels of pain become much more manageble and/or resolved.


I design customized Pilates/yoga therapy programs for people with pain or injury. My clients come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of fitness, but what they share in common is what initially brings them to my classes. They initially come because the stress, injury, pain, or fatigue they are suffering from is keeping them from attainig their goals and living the life they want to live at home, work, and play.

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Lily is the best! She is knowledgable about her craft and constantly seeks to learn more. It’s not just a job for her, she loves what she does and it is evident. I have never had a better massage, and I’ve had massages in many places around the world. I recommend her highly!

Pam Manfred, Puallup, WA
Pam Manfred, Puallup, WA

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